14 year old • Chennai • She • Art + Tech • NFT

Hey! I am Laya Mathikshara, a 14 year old artist from India. I am curious about the intersection of the spectrums of art and tech as they both express infinity and freedom. At the moment I am exploring various art forms including generative art, AR art and net art.

As a digital artist who works with computers (with no consciousness) extensively - I have been curious about the brain functions of an artist with consciousness and the origin of true creativity. In the near future, I am looking forward to creating an art that would have a meaningful impact in the scientific community in addition to its aesthetic beauty.





Art - “Fifth Dimension” series has a 2D painting that’s seen through a 3D glass sculpture - art in which neither the painting nor the sculpture can be seen, rather it’s the unique combination of the two - the 5D of visual art (2D + 3D = 5D).

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Presenting "Amerkle" - art in merkle is here to turn the plain merkle tree of blockchain into an aesthetic magic. My generative art collection "Amerkle" along with Gen.Art has grossed over 150 ETH. The proceeds from which have been donated to Girls Who Code.

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Client 8


Was featured in the Inspiration4 NFT launch along with Dr. Sian ProctorMBSJQAlotta Money and other amazing artists.The auction for the event started when the SpaceX's Falcon 9 launched the all civilian mission to space. 

One of my works "To the moon" was featured in the event and the sale of the NFT was benefitted to support the St Judes Children's Research Hospital

Client 2


"Gratitude" - An animated short film of mine for the Covid Warriors is selected to be screened at the "All American High School Film Festival" (the oscars for teenagers) where the film will be screened at the AMC Theater in Times Square New York.

The film was also minted as an NFT at WazirX.

Client 3


Constructed and co-hosted "Labyrinth" - an NFT gallery at the Somnium space metaverse. Labyrinth hosts artworks of over 20 artist from across the globe. Check out the walkthrough of the gallery!